Why did the Nazi and Hitler kill the Jews ?

  The question that is yet been unanswered is why so much hate against the Jewish people from Hitler? Hitler a name filled with so much hate from the people.

   The Nazi and Hitler killed the Jews because they  had no  land, nothing and was easy to get rid of them. Another reason why Adolf Hitler killed millions of Jews was because he had this  devious hatred which led to MANY deaths. The hatred that Hitler had between the Jews was based on the Jews religious beliefs. Adolf Hitler disliked the Jewish because he felt that Jews were not as good as Germans. The Nazi blamed the Jews for  Germany's loss of WW1 which made the Nazi hate them. The Nazis believed that the Jews were the ones who caused Germany’s ills. (The history place)  The Nazis made horrible comments about the Jewish because they didn't like the way they looked. Hitler wanted to do something about the Jews, so he called for new elections to get full control of the German parliament, and to get rid of the Jews. (Jewish virtual library) Hitler and the Nazi  portrayed the Jews as evil and cowardly and Germans were hardworking, courage's, and honest. (Jewish virtual library) Hitler and the Nazis also killed the Jewish people because they thought the Jews were worthless. (Men 1948) Your lucky, you survived move on with your life forget the pass, live as long as you can” .